5 Tips For Choosing The Right Promotional Product


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You know you need to choose a promotional product for your next business meeting or product launch, but what kind of product should you choose? And which specific product should you select?

If you read and remember these important 5 tips for choosing the right promotional product, your job will be much easier.

Tip #1: Think about the recipient

At the heart of any marketing effort is understanding your customer. Knowing whether your marketing target is mostly male or female, their age, their income, their interests, their industry or business, their occupation, or even their capacity to make a buying decision of a product or service like yours — all of these can influence which promotional product would work best for you.

Tip #2: Consider the event

Think about the kind of event that the product will be promoting, and then think about what kind of product might be helpful in that situation. As an example, for convention or industry shows, tote bags make excellent gifts. Your recipients can carry paperwork and brochures, as well as the other promotional products they will receive. Better yet, the tote bag is something that they will keep and use, and will be very visible during the entire show, giving you and your company persistent exposure.

Tip #3: Plan for longevity

How persistent do you want your message to be? Some products, like clothing, can remain with your customer or prospect for years, even if they are only worn every week or two. On the other hand, something that can claim a spot on a desk can serve as a fitting reminder of your product or service.

Either way, the goal is for the person to keep your company or product top-of-mind so that you are more likely to get the call or sale when the time is right.

Tip #4: Make it useful

One of the primary complaints when companies like yours are considering promotional products is the fear that the item is just going to be thrown away. That’s why you want to choose promotional products that are useful and helpful to your prospect, like the tote bag at a trade show, or a shirt at a golf tournament, or a thumb drive for software customers. An item — no matter how cute or new or trendy — will certainly be thrown away or left untouched in a drawer if it is not useful.

Tip #5: Plan ahead

Often overlooked, deciding when to plan and order your promotional products is very important. While some promotional products can be ordered and then received in under a week, most promotional product orders take 1 to 2 weeks of lead time. Some take even longer. If you want to have the greatest freedom in choosing the perfect promotional product for your meeting, campaign or announcement, makes sure you give yourself enough lead time.

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Choosing the right promotional products can be difficult, but it is far easier when you have the right professionals on your team, helping you make the right choice. Beyond simply giving you tips for selecting the right promotional products, Icon Blue can become your marketing and promotions partner, for your next event and beyond.