Aric Bayer from Icon Blue Speaks at the Youth Center on Highland

Community Service

photo 1 (1)Icon Blue’s very own Aric Bayer spent time talking to youth looking for opportunities Friday afternoon on August 15th. The Job Skills Speakers Forum took place at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Youth Center located on Highland Ave in Los Angeles.

Now on his third time speaking with this group at  the center, Aric says that “this is a very rewarding and rich experience that [he] will continue to be a part of.” The Youth Center on Highland is focused on helping youth aged 17-early 20s get the education and employment that they are working towards. Often times, these young individuals come from difficult living situations and some have yet to graduate from high school. Working with the organization for several years now, Aric offers that “there are a lot of ways to help the Youth Center on Highland.”

As a business, it is important to stay connected to the local community and we are proud of Aric for going out to inspire youth and talk about his professional experiences!

Aric at the Youth Center