Best Promotional Products for Employee Gifts

Icon Blue Suggests Ideas for Great Gifts

Icon Blue is celebrating the festivities early!

Icon Blue is celebrating the festivities early!

With the end of the year approaching and the New Year on the horizon, it is a good time to think about showing employees that they nailed it in 2014. Do you have a salesperson who hit his or her targets in October and soared beyond that until January 1st? How about that account manager who finagled a great deal for one of your clients or the manager who was able to pull the team together to pull off a particularly ambitious project? No matter the reason or occasion, Icon Blue has the best employee gifts for the best and the brightest amongst your team. Here are some items that go beyond a simple giveaway and become a reflection of a job well done.

First up: Awards

awardsIcon Blue has many different awards that can be inscribed with the names of your most accomplished employees. With high quality materials and laser engraving, you can create a piece that will be displayed for years to come. There is a wide variety of price points to suit your need and budget.

Next: Watches

watchWith everyone checking the time on their phones nowadays, watches have changed their role from timepieces to valued accessories and more personal gifts. Therefore, it is especially important to get a valued employee a watch that they will enjoy wearing. Again, we have a wide variety at different price points to complement your gift-giving needs. Dress to impress!

Thirdly: Thoughtful

coffee_makerHave an employee (or several) who is a habitual coffee drinker? Are they in and out of the break room all day refilling their mug? Get them this coffee maker so they can get their perfect, personal brew ready every morning. Likewise, you may have someone who jots down their best ideas in a notebook, preferring the tactile elegance of fine paper over a laptop keyboard or a tablet. We have a vast array of high quality pad portfolios in different sizes to suit the needs of your employee and deliver a fantastic, high-value item.





Icon Blue makes this process nearly effortless for you—give us a call today at 323.634.5301 to talk to our creative consultants. We work with you to generate the best employee gift ideas for your business. Our concierge-styled service provides your promotion with the care and attention to detail required to deliver a truly standout, thoughtful gift. See what our clients say about us here.