A Necessary Adaptation: Bluetooth Headphones

A Brief Guide to Promotional Bluetooth Headphones

A recurring theme of promotional product application says to maximize the value of your promotion by choosing an idea that stays in front of your client. The longer they keep an item and use it, the more impressions created and the more exposure for the imprinted brand. This makes wearable tech a value-rich proposition; a client will keep a valued piece of tech far longer than a small pen that could be easily lost. With more and more devices relying on Bluetooth and with Apple’s decision to remove audio jacks from their newest phones, a strong market for Bluetooth headphones has emerged. Icon Blue has solutions at a range of price points to get you started on your next promotion.

Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Earbuds                               

wireless bluetooth earbudsWith wireless headphones, the general assumption is that they are too expensive to be a promotional item—that may have been the case years ago, but today you can get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for under $20 as a team-building gift or premium promotion for choice clients. These ear buds come complete, packaged in a molded, colorful case, along with micro USB cord for charging. With a microphone, these headphones support call functions and can replace all of the features of more cumbersome wired earbuds

Showcase Your Logo

Bluetooth headphonesWhile the earbuds provide a level of utility that benefits the end-user, these headphones provide great sound quality while also promoting your brand. With a large imprint area on each ear cup, these headphones provide a stellar space to show your logo whenever these are used in public. Like the earbuds, they also have a microphone to support call functions. The over-ear design helps to reduce outside noise while also providing a full spectrum of sound from crystal clear high notes to chest-thumping bass, perfect for more audio savvy clients. These headphones come in around the $50 range.

Premium Sound for a Premium Brand

Bluetooth JBL heapdhonesOne feature of promotional products is that you can use a bigger brand to enhance your own. Headphones are a great example of this. The pair pictured here are JBL, one of the premiere brands in audio, powering most movie theaters across the United States. By imprinting your logo on a pair of JBLs, you get associated with a name that might have more household recognition and it often helps to raise the profile of your own logo. Apart from the marketing values of imprinting on a pair of premium brand headphones, you are using a product with excellent sound reproduction. These headphones are high-fidelity, providing sound quality that should impress even more sophisticated audiophiles. With a rechargeable Li-on battery and an ergonomic headband, you’ll be able to listen to music, movies, and podcasts for over 15 hours of continuous play comfortably.

These offerings comprise a mere snippet of the full spectrum of headphones we are able to provide for your promotions. Headphones make excellent promotional products for clients as a marketing initiative, but they also function as excellent employee recognition ideas. Ideal recognition occasions include celebrating the completion of a large project or the acquisition of a major client. Instituting new HR policies? Let your employees know that you are always ready to “listen” to their concerns with a pair of headphones. Reach out to Icon Blue today to talk headphones and we’ll get started with ideas for your next program.