Cosmetics—Best Marketing Materials

Icon Blue Has Great Marketing Solutions for Businesses in Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry thrives on visual marketing—think of the images of famous actresses wearing brand name lipstick or eyeliner. It is a visual product, so it makes sense that the industry would capitalize on that in marketing their product. That’s where promotional products come in.

Cosmetics benefit from the “cool” factor more so than say a business like finance, which is why conventional promotional product ideas like pens or branded notepads fall flat. The consumer who would be persuaded by effective marketing from a company that produces cosmetics is more likely to respond to something that reflects the image that particular company wants to convey (are you marketing a line of products to an executive or a teen?). Whoever the target market may be, Icon Blue has ideas that will deliver the best ROI for your marketing dollars.

Here are a few quick ideas (we save the best ideas for those who call to talk with our marketing consultants, so don’t hesitate to contact us for free!):

Lipstick-shaped USB DriveAn idea for the technically inclined:

A Lipstick shaped USB drive:
Sure to get attention, this promotional product guarantees a lasting impression by combining a clever form with an essential function. Drive your brand home with this smart idea.

 An idea for the practical:

cosmetics bagA cosmetics bag:
Here’s a simple idea. Give your prospects something to take your product home in. Put your logo on the face of this kit to create a high-value item at a low cost for your marketing department. We have a plethora (no, not SEPHORA) of versions of this piece to choose from—some more expensive and many less expensive. Call today to pick out the one that suits your need and budget!

An idea for the efficient:

nail clippers with logoKeychain/nail clipper combo:
This one is a bit more fun and has the advantage of being efficient. The clever design creates space for a great logo while managing to keep the function of the nail clipper intact. For a not-so-common promotional item, try this one –it is inexpensive too!

An idea for the cautious:

flip travel mirror with logoTravel mirror:
Great imprint area to get more impressions. This is a tried and true product that is sure to be appreciated by recipients and keep your brand top of mind.



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