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We return again to one of the primary challenges we face when choosing an appropriate promotional product idea for any given campaign: choosing an item that will stay in front of your client. By picking a useful item that will be used, you keep your brand name in front of people longer.

This is the most effective way to stretch your marketing dollars.

1A product that gets seen ten or more times has greater marketing potency than a product that is seen once. Fitness items are designed for repeat use and will get seen at the gym, the office, or on the hiking trail.

First on the list of requisite fitness gear is a solid fitness towel. Anyone who works out is going to need one at some point and if they already have one, it’s unlikely they’d turn down a second one. Besides being a useful promotion on its own, a towel also gives your business the opportunity to display large, colorful brand messaging. Use this as a branding opportunity to give gifts to important clients, a care package at a hotel or gym, or a gift with purchase. Gyms and fitness clubs could provide a free towel for new members as part of a welcome package incentive.

The next item that is virtually guaranteed to get some use is drinkware. Staying hydrated is the first rule of fitness, so give your recipients something that helps them achieve this. There are many, many options in this category—let’s go from basic to ornate.

2Firstly, we have a budget-friendly water-bottle perfect for outside activities such as jogging, hiking, or bicycling. This water bottle comes in several bright colors and includes a carabiner clip to easily attach to a belt or backpack.

3The next item is a more traditional water bottle. With a hard shell and snap-top closure, this water bottle is perfect for fitness clubs (and can even hold other, smaller promotional products inside).

4Lastly, we have a piece that works as a gift for top clients or employees. This aluminum water bottle allows your large, vibrant logo to truly pop against the fine matte black finish. The quality of the piece allows it to serve as a powerful incentive piece to encourage new clients to sign up for a new service or a gift-with-purchase for existing clients.

5The last product category we will consider in this write-up is gym bags. Once again, the category is broad enough to include a range of price points, so depending on the nature of your promotional campaign, there is likely a fitness bag suited to your promotional needs. For under $3, you can get a colorful drawstring backpack that gives you plenty of space for a big logo. This bag can easily carry a set of gym clothes and a towel, perfect for anyone needing to carry their fitness gear.

6If you want to impress an executive or thank an important business partner, look for something more like a full-featured gym duffel bag. A duffel bag not only has plenty of room for branding, but also gives you more features for those important recipients. With more pockets and nicer materials, this is the perfect storage solution for a campaign that needs a high-impact idea.

Fitness items are an excellent category because they are virtually guaranteed to stay in front of the recipient. Additionally, they come in a variety of price points to more accurately fit the size of your campaign and present excellent branding space. The items we have written about here are just the start of the category, so if you are in need of a smart promotion, give Icon Blue a call to see what kind of promotion we can design for you. Call today for your free consultation to take your promotion to the next level!

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