In High Demand—Selfie Sticks

One of the Hottest Promotional Products with Consumers

Starting as a big hit with consumers when it first came to the market, the selfie stick is now available for use as a branded messaging product.

selfie stick

The hit item has become the hottest new promo item!

The selfie stick has had a rough beginning in the promotional products industry. Let me clarify—sales have been good. Too good. The rough start is due to companies ordering an abundance of selfie sticks and as a result, stock is often running low (though not to worry, Icon Blue can help you place your next order immediately).

So why is the selfie stick so popular?

Well, aside from promotional uses, it is an accessory that makes taking photos of you and others easier when on vacation or out at an interesting venue. However, the advantage of the selfie stick as a promotional product is simple—it is not a throwaway. If a customer gets a selfie stick, they will either use it or give it to a friend who is more inclined to take pictures. It has a high value, and maintains a strong utility, meaning that not only will it avoid the trash bin, it will get used, and used often.

A great promotional product idea is one that puts your brand message on an item that will be seen again and again, leaving a large number of impressions on your target audience. So call Icon Blue today. Summer is the perfect time to run your next promotion involving selfie sticks and we can help you with other excellent promotional product ideas.

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