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What is “THE LOOP”?


THE LOOP is Icon Blue’s innovative marketing support service designed to generate the best promotional product ideas for our clients in a timely manner and at a price that represents real value.

We know that preparing and planning for upcoming events or special activities can be a time-consuming task.  In our experience many customers wait until the last minute to order their promotional products. Then they rush because they don’t know what would be the most effective type of product to purchase, which specific product is the highest quality at the lowest price, or even how to use it effectively.

Does that describe you? Always rushing to prepare for your next event, and never getting the full benefit you thought you would create?

At Icon Blue we understand that your time is valuable and finding the right promotion can be an overwhelming project.  We now offer an exclusive service to solve this problem: THE LOOP.


Here’s how it works:

REGISTER NOW and prior to your event dates we’ll generate promotional product ideas specifically targeted for that type of event. We keep track of your event dates, help you find the right promotional product ideas AND make sure you never miss another deadline or business opportunity. We also include tips to help you maximize your event ROI.

Whether your marketing department knows exactly which type of products your company wants to order or simply knows that they want to include promotional products as part of a campaign, THE LOOP helps to bridge the gap between ideas and results. Our creative consultants work with you to hone in on the promotional product idea that is best suited to your marketing campaign.

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Do You Need Ideas For…

  • Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Safety Programs
  • Business Gifts For Clients
  • Repeat Purchase Programs


How valuable would it be if…

We kept you in “THE LOOP” with your event dates, deadlines, product ideas and marketing tips?

Simply share your event calendar with us and we will help you develop great promotional ideas, plan exciting events and best of all, ensure you never miss another deadline or opportunity to market your business or program.

We will keep you in “THE LOOP”.

Not in yet?

There is no cost to register for the service. No purchase required. It’s easy to join—just complete the online application linked below or call us today at:  888.314.2581.


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