Journals in the Digital Age? Absolutely—but they have to be good

5 Variations on the Classic Journal

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that journals are still a popular promotional product in an age where most people have smart devices or laptops easily available to them. To a large extent, this is still meaningful—people don’t often write in journals that lack perceived value or something unique about them. People will use journals that they have become attached to, journals that exhibit more elegant characteristics. We offer a line of journals that is not only made in Italy, but also captures the feel of premium retail journals, providing an excellent writing space for ideas, notes, and drawings. Let’s take a look at some of the options available, to better understand the myriad of ways in which a journal can be made to fit your branding needs.

Medium sized promotional journalA standard medium-sized journal. This is the most common journal you will find distributed as a promotional product as it is both sized and priced right to serve a multitude of functions. From a nice thank-you to a premium incentive, the medium journal has a soft, leathery feel on the cover that can be debossed for subtle but effective branding. Journals with a pen loop give you the opportunity to pair the item with a specific pen that is branded with your company’s contact information without interfering with the aesthetic of the journal cover.



And now for something completely different that is sure to Appeel to everyone: the Appeel Medio Journal is actually made from apple peels.

Appeel Promotional Journal

Made from real apple pulp

Made from real apple pulp


The Appeel journals are a unique offering in the promotional products world as they are all natural, made from the peels and leftover apple pulp that remains after the fruit has been used for juice production. The pulp is ground and emulsified, and because the pulp is so similar in consistency to wood pulp, the paper that results is a dream to write on. For added flavor (no pun intended), a small piece of lightly apple scented paper can be included in the back cover pouch of the journal, completing the Appeel journal experience.



London Mid Sized JournalThe London Mid-Size Ivory Journal is a piece suited for savvy business people. With a pen loop and an elastic closure, this journal includes 240 pages of FSC certified Ivory paper lined in gray print. The cover is lined with an expandable pocket, features stitching on the front, and has business card slots. Altogether, the piece makes a strong statement with its image and its construction. If your company has star employees that your Human Resources department is looking to recognize, this journal works as a sincere thank-you piece.

Other strong options for journals include tip-in pages: printed pages at the start of a journal that contain valuable messages. Common reasons to include a tip in page:

Promotional Product Tip In Page

  • Employee Orientation – oftentimes a tip-in page can be used to give new employees valuable information about key company policies or goals.
  • Include a promotion—if you are sending a journal as a thank-you piece to a key client, you can include a special offer on the tip-in page.
  • Key information about your business—colleges, hospitals, legal firms all need campus/facility maps, contact lists, and other pertinent information. A tip-in page can support all these functions effectively with bright and colorful images.

Lanybook Flex Journal



One last decorative option available is the Lanybook Flex—customizing the elastic closure band of your journal. Besides being able to choose from 9 different band colors, there are 6 different button shapes available for your branding needs. The extra bit of branding goes a long way in making the journal more fun, and attractive visually. Combine a tagline (embossed) and your logo (button) for more creative messaging opportunities.




Do you have any employee recognition programs coming up or need for an elegant thank you? Contact Icon Blue today to have us draw up some creative journal solutions for your business. We can take your promotion to the next level by adding those extra touches that make your company truly stand out from the crowd.


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