Smart Teambuilding

How to Increase Cohesion and Enthusiasm with Promotional Products

Teambuilding starts long before you enter the workplace. Recall back to the earliest days of school, when everyone would get into a circle formation, pass a ball around, and say a brief introduction to the class. The goal of teambuilding has remained the same even from those pre-school days: foster unity, respect, and collaboration in a group of people who may otherwise have little in common.

In the workplace, this need is doubly important as the goal of any company is to bring talents together and build something bigger and stronger than any single unit. Prerequisite to this goal is a team that works well together. Promotional products have a role to play here that can be understated or pronounced depending on the kind of teambuilding program a company decides to run; however, their value is undeniable. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that promotional products are able to elevate your teambuilding efforts and better ensure success.

  1. Unified Apparel
    Organizing a teambuilding day or exercise means figuring out the best ways to bring individual members together. The first and easiest way to do that is with some type of uniform. Pictured here are several Icon Blue team members from this year’s teambuilding event—scouring Dave and Buster’s for answers to a scavenger hunt. We were all wearing Icon Blue branded t-shirts as we went to the downtown Hollywood location. It’s a simple thing, but when you wear a uniform outside the office, it brings everyone on the team together under a common banner.

  2. Office Perks
    Promotional products work best when they stay in front of their audience. As a result, desk items are particularly effective ideas as they are likely to remain front and center throughout the workweek. If you give your employees something that they will use and appreciate, you create goodwill as well as giving them an item that promotes your company or team. If you have different divisions in your company, consider enhancing team cooperation by giving each team their own items. For example, each member of the sales team could have a special travel mug as they are most likely out of the office frequently. Pictured here is a mug that we received at last year’s teambuilding event that I’m still using on a daily basis a year later!

  3. Branded Bonuses
    For the last promo perk in this blog, we have another opportunity to brand your gifts to employees. If you are handing out any sort of prize or recognition for teambuilding events, why not do it on a branded gift card? Give your winning team a gift card to a local coffee shop and encourage them to go together. It’s an easy opportunity to increase collaboration both in and outside of the office. Pictured here is a card we received as the winning team for a prize in a teambuilding event. On the back of the card are instructions on how to redeem two free movie tickets

This article has included only several quick ideas for how to bring your brand front and center during teambuilding while helping to facilitate goodwill towards the company and fellow team members. The same principles can be applied to employee health programs, safety programs, and other corporate events where there is a focus on a specific goal or achievement (anniversaries, for example).

Icon Blue can help your company implement smarter teambuilding practices so give us a call today for a free consultation!