October is Breast Cancer Awareness

Promote Your Corporate Values

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month with the intent to not only raise awareness, but also to facilitate fundraising to support research into treatment and prevention. You’re undoubtedly familiar with the iconography associated with the effort—the looped pink ribbon. The ribbon stands testament to the power of branding because once you see it you instantly remember what it represents. It has the power to elicit an emotional reaction.

Companies frequently include social responsibility among their corporate values. Breast cancer awareness is one of the strongest ways to get your company involved in meaningful corporate citizenship. Whether you have a program already or are looking to get started, we’ll illustrate several options for promoting breast cancer awareness.


Sailors handing out promotional product t shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Pictured here: Sailors aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard could purchase pink t-shirts  and wear them all month long as part of their uniforms to raise awareness and share information about breast cancer.

promotional product bracelets for breast cancer awareness month


The whole idea behind raising awareness is to put the issue front and center. With breast cancer awareness, there are two avenues to take—focus on the color pink or focus on the ribbon. Adorning your staff in pink for a day is a great way to bring your team together around a common cause. On a smaller scale, you could provide your employees with ribbon pins as a gesture of support.


women wearing promotional product t shirts for breast cancer awareness month


There are numerous walks, runs, and other events dedicated to fundraising for research in October. By sponsoring one of these events with shirts, water bottles, bracelets, bandanas, or other items, you facilitate greater participation. Additionally, you can partner with other companies to co-brand signage or other promotional products for these fundraising events.



With the primary goal of Breast Cancer Awareness month being to push back against the disease, you can put that aim at the forefront with promotions focused on education. One example would be to offer your employees an awareness journal and include a tip-in page filled with information about breast cancer and early detection. Another way would be to hand out pocket sliders which are informational brochures that include helpful facts and details that aid in early detection.

promotional products for breast cancer awareness month

These are just a few ways to promote your commitment to October awareness. For more, give us a call and we’ll help you put together something you’re proud to put your brand on.