How to Use Promotional Products: Entertainment

Powerful Swag

We’re starting a summer series of blog posts to highlight the different ways you can use promotional products to achieve your marketing goals. This week, we’re going to look at two different promotion ideas for entertainment to get your swag in front of your target market. Remember: the goal of promotional products is to create meaningful, lasting impressions of your brand message.

promo swag lighted badged

Light Up Your Events

Marketing Opportunity: You have representatives from your company at a show like E3 or a launch event. You want your booth to stand out and capture interest.

Solution: Lighted badges give your presence some extra “oomph” when competing for floor traffic at any sort of trade show. Better yet—distribute these to people who visit your booth and have them do your marketing for you by becoming a lighted, walking billboard.

Power Up Your Brand

promo swag power bank tech item chargerMarketing Opportunities: You want to appeal to a tech driven market and give them something useful that will keep your brand front and center.

Solution: Power banks are popular retail items making them an ideal promotional product. By giving your audience a desirable product with your logo, you create a high impact vehicle for impressions of your brand. There are many price points and configurations to choose from with power banks, allowing you to fit them into marketing campaigns of different scales. You often have a large imprint area that can fit strong thematic content, enabling you to convey a brand message that goes beyond a single logo.