Essential: 5 Simple Employee Gift Ideas

Employee Recognition and Awards

As the end of the year approaches, companies look inward to acknowledge the standout employees who have helped contribute the most towards the year’s successes. Part of this recognition comes in the form of a gift. We’ve put together this list that has a mix of traditional ideas and some more outside-the-box suggestions so that you can get started planning your end-of-the-year projects and celebrations.

The Award

award-pictureThe most classic form of employee recognition stands the test of time. Awards are a mainstay because they service a variety of needs as well as coming in a constantly evolving number of designs. We recommend exploring custom options to fit the look of your company and the more personalized an award, the more meaningful it becomes.


promotional product glasswareAnother classic piece that has numerous updates to make it a viable modern recognition piece—glass drinkware. In virtually any style imaginable, there are glasses for every occasion and every employee. Fine glass serves two ideal functions. It can stand on its own as something to be displayed and admired like an award, but also it can be used. Anytime a branded or personalized product is used, it will work to keep whatever is imprinted on it (your logo) top of mind.

promotional product headphones bluetooth wireless

Fun Tech

Recognition can go beyond a display piece and become something more practical. A gift that gets used regularly will garner not only more appreciation from the recipient, but also more impressions and inquiries about it. An example of something in this category might be Bluetooth headphones. With Apple’s iPhone 7 abandoning the headphone jack, you can expect the sales of Bluetooth headphones to rise—get the jumpstart by recognizing your employees with this useful gift.

promotional product food displayElegant Food

Another classic gift is the edible gift. Chocolates, popcorn, and other snacks often fulfill the qualities needed to make an effective gift. The way to differentiate this gift is to enhance the value of the presentation; for example, mix food with other promotional gifts to create a themed basket. The picture on the right shows an example of a great edible gift for the executives who enjoy golf.


Apparel is a perfect gift-giving category because there are solutions designed to match every budget. T-shirts for the team can be a great, inexpensive way to recognize a great number of employees. Want to reward a smaller sales team on a terrific third quarter? Try elegant polos from top name brands. Want to get that executive who loves skiing something for leading the team to a high-performing year? Highly technical winter jackets with water resistance can be found at multiple price points. The point is this—if you are a looking for a recognition piece, chances are there are multiple apparel options that fit the bill.

promotional product tshirt polo and jacket
This is just the beginning of thousands of promotional product ideas that we at Icon Blue can offer your brand. Call today to get matched with your account manager who will facilitate custom solutions for your current and upcoming projects. Contact us here.