Icon Blue Annual Team Building Day 2015

Using Promotional Products in the Office

One of the simplest factors in a successful office is the ability of all the employees to come together and not only work well together, but to build their professional relationships and learn each other’s strengths. This summer, Icon Blue got together in less formal settings for an annual team building day to work on problem solving together.

promotional product gift cardOrganized by our COO Eden McClellan, our Team Building day began with a beautiful catered lunch, followed by several team building activities which ranged from preparing creative presentations to puzzle solving. Between the laughing and head-scratching, everyone had come to be a little bit closer and recognized each other’s strengths a little better.

What does this have to do with promotional products? Well, Icon Blue integrated promotional products into the team building day. Everyone received a printed lumbar pillow for their desk chairs, as well as a printed gift card that either had 2 movie tickets or a dollar value prize. The prize depended on how the teams performed in the team building activities, serving as incentives (sound like promotional products?).

Promotional products are an excellent marketing tool, but they are equally effective as executive gifts or part of rewards programs within any company. A whole slew of promotional products are designed explicitly to be gifted within a company as a thank you item—examples such as a branded gift card, all the way to crystal awards and other elegant product options. The options are nearly limitless. Imprinting methods have improved significantly and we are now able to create more vibrant, creative designs than ever before.

Call Icon Blue today to see how you can help bring your team together with promotional products! Whether for team building, employee incentives programs, or executive gifts, Icon Blue can help raise your event to the next level.


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