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Past is Prologue

With 2016 in full swing, Icon Blue wanted to look back at our success points in 2015 to see where we want to go in the new year. From business to community involvement, 2015 was a fantastic year for Icon Blue and we look forward to working with our clients to make 2016 even better.

Community Involvement

Icon Blue team members dressed up to give out treats to the children at Mattel.

Icon Blue team members dressed up to give out treats to the children at Mattel.

In 2016, Icon Blue focused on efforts to improve the lives of children in Los Angeles County. In October, members of Team Blue attended the Halloween event at Mattel Children’s Hospital to distribute Halloween goodies to the wonderful children staying at the hospital. This marks the second year that Icon Blue has attended this event and we were thrilled to participate—in fact, this time we brought costumes!

In December, Icon Blue hosted an Angel Tree for the East Los Angeles Salvation Army which allowed us to team up with the other residents of 5055 Wilshire to collect gifts for underprivileged children. By the end of the hosting period, we were able to successfully source gifts for 75 children! We are hoping to host another Angel Tree this year, and increase the number of gifts to help even more kids.

Donations for the children of East Los Angeles.

Donations for the children of East Los Angeles.

Team Development

Icon Blue once again held its annual Team Building Day in July. This event is not only emblematic of the different way Icon Blue handles business, it is also one of the secrets to our success. Team Building Day allows the team to take a step back from normal business and substantively build working relationships in the office. This year, our VP Eden McClellan designed the day to center around a creative project that united both intellectual problem solving and creating a visual story. The activities underscored the mechanics of what we do on a day to day basis, without the guise of “work.”

Icon Blue is also proud to have added the newest member of our sales team to the company—Stephon Chaney!

Business Developments

PPAI Product Safety ProgramProduct Safety Aware

One of the major pushes for Icon Blue in 2015 was to incorporate product safety into our process as the industry has developed safety standards. We trained the team to not only be cognizant of these issues, but to proactively address this issue with every order that involves products that may come into contact with children. Icon Blue is proud to have completed the PPAI Product Safety Program, allowing us to better serve our clients with only the most up-to-date product knowledge.


In July, our President, CEO, and Founder Walter Hill received the Marvin Spike Lifetime Achievement Award from Counselor. Celebrating a career in entrepreneurial success, Hill received the award in Chicago alongside fellow industry leaders at ASI’s annual trade show. His unique take on promotional merchandise has been the foundation of Icon Blue’s success and the commitment to ideas rather than products has allowed Icon Blue to tackle advertising specialties in a more creative manner.

In October, Counselor named Icon Blue as the 36th Best Place to Work within the Advertising Specialties industry—that’s out of 24,000 different companies! A large part of what makes Icon Blue such a unique working environment is that everyone has the opportunity to wear different hats from time to time, but those hats play to individuals’ strengths. Sometimes a project calls for a custom piece and a team member gets the chance to create something never done before; this flexibility has kept Icon Blue at the forefront of idea-based promotional products for our clients.

From left to right: Tim Andrews President and CEO of ASI, and Walter Hill Jr. President and CEO of Icon Blue

From left to right: Tim Andrews President and CEO of ASI, and Walter Hill Jr. President and CEO of Icon Blue


2016 is shaping up to be Icon Blue’s most ambitious year to date. The industry has made some significant technological advances regarding packaging and decorating, giving us more tools to better serve your branding needs at prices that represent real value. We have a few new exciting features planned and we look forward to bringing them to you in the next few weeks.




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