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If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.


These are examples of custom designed USB promotional products--you really can do almost anything!

These are examples of custom designed USB promotional products–you really can do almost anything!

The quote above applies to so many aspects of business and life, but today I’m thinking about marketing strategies. Think of how different marketing was only a few years ago before most Americans had smartphones or slower internet prohibited videos from going viral. The times change and as such we have to evolve our marketing strategies especially within industries that face the greatest competition. The tough playing field in the entertainment world forces agents to look outside the box for innovative marketing solutions to stand clients out from the crowd.

Talent agencies can use promotional products in several important ways—firstly, to promote their clients. Using USB sticks (that can be made in custom shapes like a microphone) to either provide content directly or a link to content on the internet. Agencies can deliver a unique and eye-catching item that works for their client. On a USB stick, you can have an actor’s reel, a music demo, or any other portfolio work that best represents the client. Think of representing voice actors—you can provide hours of recordings easily and with high quality audio directly on the USB promotional item. Unlike a business card, tech items are more likely to be kept and they certainly get more attention at an event.

Talent agencies can also use promotional products to promote their own services. Few industries rely on networking to the extent of the entertainment industry, and promotional products are the ultimate networking tool. When you meet someone, you want to be able to leave an impression—promotional products can help you leave a strong impression. Likewise, a smart promotional product has its own life after you distribute it—it will continue to leave impressions on whoever else sees it in the future (precisely why mouse pads have long been an industry staple—they rest in plain sight and get used daily).

Have a specific idea for how you want to promote your clients or agency? Great! However, if you are looking to get your feet wet in something different, call Icon Blue today. Icon Blue will work with you to develop and deliver promotional product ideas that return results for your business.