Promotional Tech to Help Expand Your Business Opportunities in the Digital Age

Promotional Products That Create a Digital Resume

usb business card promotional product

Use a USB stick as a business card to leave a stronger impression and deliver content simultaneously.

So much of our marketing collateral lives on computers now. We want to direct potential clients to our website, our portfolio, our online store—but how can we do that with an inexpensive, yet effective promotional product? Icon Blue solves this problem with great promotional product ideas.

Here are just two innovative solutions to this exact problem:

  1. USB Sticks as Business Cards.

It is now possible to have a business card with a small capacity USB strip attached to it. Plug it into a computer to get linked to the address stored on the card or even see files stored on the card, depending on the capacity chosen. This is a classy and professional method to present your digital work in a manner that is different and low hassle—who likes typing in annoying URLs when they could simply plug-and-play?

  1. Digital Watermarking.

With a logo of at least 2”H x 2”W, you can actually turn almost any image into a digital watermark—a link. Have a large tote bag with a logo or your film’s title? Turn it into a digital watermark so the bag becomes a tech connection to your web presence. Take a picture of it with a smartphone or tablet app and the digital content will be accessed instantly. As opposed to a QR code that leaves an unsightly barcode on your product, the digital watermark is nearly invisible.

How many networking situations have you been in where you wanted to link someone to your content, but all you had was a business card with your web address or even an email? Now you can take your connection to the next level by delivering content immediately by using mobile devices. A business card can become an entire digital portfolio (photographers and artists take notice as well).

There are many ways deal with this exact problem; these are just two suggestions for great applications of promotional product ideas to change the way you deliver your message to potential customers. Over half of all Americans own a smartphone and in the 18-29 demographic, that number becomes a whopping 88%! This means more and more people will be carrying smartphones as they become further integrated into our communication habits. Letting them easily access your online marketing material strengthens your ability to effectively communicate in the increasingly technology-focused communication channels.

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