Recognition 101

A Guide to Recognition Promos

Supporting every great company are great employees. Recognizing great employees is one of the challenges that managers face because it can be time consuming considering the myriad of options available. In this article, we’ll show you three of our favorite recognition options and some ideas on how to best use these promotional items.

promo award business card sculptureMajor Milestone Recognition

For big anniversaries (10+ years) or a substantial achievement (Sales doubled, beat goal by X amount, etc.), awards make an excellent display of a company’s recognition for the efforts of their employee.

One idea for such a recognition piece is a “Business card Sculpture” award. These awards come in a variety of different or even custom shapes, but the sculpture itself is handmade from the business cards of the person being recognized! This piece would be ideal for honoring a retiring employee or board executive given the personal nature of the award’s construction. For a truly one-of-a-kind recognition piece, you can’t do much better than this creative sculpture.

promotional gift cardsMulti-purpose Gifting

Want to be able to provide on-the-spot recognition throughout the year? By having incentives in hand, you are able to recognize employees for going above and beyond without delay. When you purchase incentives with an open-ended purpose, you want to make sure they are easily stored and don’t take up valuable office space while you keep them on-hand.

Branded gift cards have the versatility necessary to fit a variety of functions for your recognition efforts and are easily stored. Cards can be redeemed for credit at some of your favorite retailers (including Amazon), dining rewards, eBook downloads, or even movie tickets! These cards allow you to print on one entire side, affording you the ability to include your recognition message of choice with rich color.

the wedge promotional cell phone standTeam Recognition

Another big component of recognition could be some form of team gift. There are multiple opportunities for team gifts—quarterly goals, team building days, etc.

An example of this kind of recognition piece is a desk item—something that will stay on an employee’s desk for an extended period of time because it is found to be useful. These gifts are appreciated and are a win-win for the employer. Pictured is “The Wedge,” an item with a large customizable imprint area that serves as a phone stand and a screen cleaner.  I’ve had one at my desk for well over a year now and I use it every day.

We hope that these thoughts have jumpstarted some ideas for your employee recognition efforts. If you’d like some more ideas, call us today for your free consultation! There’s no shortage of recognition possibilities and we know how stressful this time of year can be—so let us take some of that off your plate and help you with your recognition program!