Wellness Programs

A Simple Starter Guide to Incentivizing Your Company’s Wellness Programs

An increasingly common benefit in corporate America is a wellness program to encourage employees to focus on their health. The challenge of wellness initiatives is how exactly the company should motivate employees in a positive way such that they choose to pursue greater wellness versus feeling forced to do so. Below are examples of ways that your company can utilize promotional products to incentivize a wellness program and help your employees live a healthier lifestyle by choice.

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1. Encourage Walking

Most office jobs require a tremendous amount of sitting—far more than would be ideal for the body. Encouraging walking is a simple, yet effective way to reduce the sedentary nature of the office.

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Provide your employees with a means of tracking their steps and/or activity level and have them record it. Pedometers are an inexpensive choice and come in a variety of configurations from pocket pedometers to wristbands. Participants can be entered into a drawing to win a gift card or other select prize. Icon Blue recently did exactly this and it garnered 100% participation from the staff!


2. Keep Activity Top-of-Mind

There are a number of physical activities you can do at your desk including stretching and basic strength training exercises.

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By providing your employees with something like a cost-effective forearm strengthening grip, you can help your employees stay focused on wellness from the convenience of their desks. Icon Blue provided these to all the employees who opted-in to participate in our 12-Week Steps walking challenge.

3. Establish Achievable Milestones

In any office, you will find various levels of physical activity so it’s important that any goals or milestones you establish are achievable by anyone. This facilitates a greater engagement rate for the program. For example, focus on encouraging employees to participate in some form of office activity (walking on breaks or lunch) at least 3 days a week in order to qualify for a prize drawing.

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Make it easy for your employees to track their participation! Apps are impersonal, so provide a more tactile experience with a journal planner. You can even create a tip-in page detailing your wellness initiative along with a space to log their progress.

If you are stuck trying to figure out the perfect prize for any drawing, go with a gift card! We can make gift cards with your message of encouragement that contains a code to redeem movie tickets, dinner passes, or other great rewards for your healthy employees.


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